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CEO of Adium Pharma presents investment to expand Fapasa’s plant

Adium Pharma’s CEO, Patricio Rodríguez, arrived in Paraguay to visit the construction of the expansion of Fapasa’s production facility located in Fernando de la Mora.

This is an ambitious investment of almost USD 50 million, which will more than double the company’s production capacity. Currently, 33 million units are produced (almost 90% of the production for the export market in Paraguay) and it is expected to reach between 70 and 100 million units per year.

The renovated plant will be a three-story building, adding more than 7,000 square meters to the more than 10,100 square meters the facility currently occupies. The new space will include production areas, microbiology and physicochemical laboratories.

Once construction is complete, the investment is expected to create up to 200 high quality jobs in technical, tertiary and university roles. In addition, up to 300 indirect jobs will be created, including electricians, masons, plumbers, technicians, engineers, architects and other professions associated with the construction of a major project.

The CEO also held a strategic meeting with President Santiago Peña to present the project, which focuses on increasing production, training and development, while discussing how to add value to Paraguay by strengthening the pharmaceutical industry and positively positioning the country to attract other foreign investments.

About Fapasa and the Adium Group

Fapasa has been a leading pharmaceutical company for 49 years. It is part of the Adium Group, which operates in 18 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean and employs more than 7,000 people.

Locally, Fapasa, an Adium Group company, exports 49.7% of all pharmaceutical products developed in Paraguay.

The company currently employs over 800 people and has a portfolio of 180 diversified products in areas such as cardiology, diabetes, urology, pain, central nervous system, oncology and hematology.

It also represents innovative multinational companies in Paraguay, including Amgen, Astellas, BMS, Debiopharm, Moderna and others.

Adium is the sixth largest pharmaceutical company in Latin America, according to IQVIA data as of December 2023. It is also the second fastest growing company in the last five years and the company with the most business expansion and diversification among the top 10 in LATAM.

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