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We are a leading pharmaceutical company, dedicated to patients, physicians and the entire Latin American community. We are present in 17 countries, supported by a committed and motivated team. We develop, produce and commercialize innovative high quality products, to improve the quality of life for the patient and their families.

Our Vision

To be the leading pharmaceutical company in Latin America, where our staff can develop and grow, providing quality and innovative treatments to physicians and patients, therefore contributing to the communities where we are present.

Our Values

Hands On, Passion for our work, Adaptability to Change and Integrity.

Our Purpose

Passion for bringing innovative treatments to improve the quality of life in Latin America

Our Legacy

Leaving a company present throughout LA, entrepreneurial and innovative, where people and communities develop, contributing to the improvement of health.


Environmental, Social and Governance

We are focused on developing and improving our Social, Environmental and Corporate Governance, thereby contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals. Starting from our production plants and supply chain, we are highly committed to reducing the environmental impact and consumption of rare and valuable resources to humanity.

We implement high impact projects by detecting priority issues within our regions that benefit our community, environment and staff.


At Adium we are committed to the purpose of improving the patients’ quality of life, where our staff and representatives maintain our standards of ethical conduct, company policies and requirements.

The Corporate Code of Ethics specifies the ethical philosophy of the code of conduct based on our corporate values. Adium endorses compliance through the development, implementation and continuous improvement of its compliance policies, processes and standards.

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